Real Estate Transactions/Construction

We provide all the repertoire of legal services necessary in the current activity of a company

  • Assessment of the property history and the ownership deed, assistance with the transfer and registration of real estate (land from different categories of use, residential, commercial, industrial constructions), in the land register and in the tax register;
  • Establishment of mortgages, other guarantees, limitations, prohibitions, real estate rights (superficies, easement, usufruct), legal or conventional pre-emption rights, option rights;
  • Assessment of the legal and urban regime of properties in order to identify the development possibilities of the property together with the client’s urban planners and architects;
  • Management of the client’s relationship with the authorities, specialists (designers, structural engineers, architects, construction works contractors, site managers, decorative and interior works designers/contractors, equipment integrators, etc.), final beneficiaries, other than the developer, notaries, financiers, etc.;
  • Contracts for the transfer of future assets, pre-contracts, bilateral promises of sale/mortgage, real estate lease and rental agreements for residential, commercial, industrial, professional use, concession agreements;
  • Aspects regarding the tax on land and buildings and the taxation of leased land;
  • Assistance with regard to requesting and obtaining certificates, approvals, permits necessary for new real estate developments, modernization, extension, restructuring, superimposition of existing buildings, etc.;
  • Establishment of owners’ associations and provision of current legal assistance to their bodies and/or administrator;
  • Representation in litigation for the acquisition/protection of property rights and other real estate rights regarding land/buildings/facilities/improvements, including demarcations, evictions, recovery of rents/compensations brought to the property, real estate foreclosure (forced sale of real estate), performance of mortgage agreements;
  • Assistance concerning the registration, amendment and deletion of notices regarding mortgages on movable securities, debt assignment agreements, etc. in the National Register of Movable Property Advertising (RNPM) and regarding the registration and deletion of notations of legal deeds and factual circumstances in the Land Register.