Litigation and Arbitration

We provide all the repertoire of legal services necessary in the current activity of a company

  • Information on the procedure regarding civil (including commercial) litigation, administrative, labor law, tax litigation. Preliminary procedure and specific judicial proceedings;
  • Discussing and establishing the strategy and conduct prior to initiating the preliminary/judicial proceedings;
  • Jurisdiction, clauses for choosing jurisdiction in contracts, statute of limitations, forfeiture;
  • Special civil proceedings (presidential orders, precautionary measures, payment orders, evictions, rights acquired under prescription, small track claims, possessory claims, offers of payment, division of property) and special administrative/fiscal proceedings (suspension pursuant to Articles 14 and 15 of the Administrative Litigation Law no. 554/2004);
  • Stamp duty issues – requests for public legal aid/exemption from or reduction of stamp duties;
  • Elaboration of sue petitions, statements of defense and, if necessary, counterclaims in response to sue petitions, elaboration of replies to statements of defense, elaboration of various procedural requests, statement of ordinary and extraordinary remedies and their reasoning, invoking and defending exceptions of unconstitutionality, elaboration of requests for the notification regarding the rendering of preliminary decisions for resolving legal issues, elaboration of requests for notification of C.J.E.U.;
  • Submission of evidence, proof, assistance for requesting and drafting judicial reports, assessment and clarification/criticism of expert reports; assistance in appointing expert witnesses; specific issues regarding the submission of evidence in litigation concerning the professional liability of healthcare professionals and in areas where there are no forensic experts; the issue of lawsuit costs;
  • Management of each individual case and litigation portfolios;
  • Enforcement of court decisions – assistance, counsel, representation, maintaining the relationship with the bailiff until the termination of enforcement; filing appeals against foreclosure and enforcement documents, exercise of remedies; requests for the termination of foreclosure; making requests to the bailiff with regard to certain particular aspects regarding the ongoing foreclosures;
  • Assistance, counsel and representation regarding any litigation in the field of contravention, civil matters, consumer protection, administrative field, tax law, labor law (disciplinary liability – disciplinary sanctions and civil/patrimonial liability, salary claims and other claims), pensions (public pensions, privately administered pensions, optional pensions), social insurance, insolvency, public and private property, debt recovery (common law litigation, payment orders, European order for payment), life insurance, environmental protection, etc.;
  • Assistance and representation in preliminary proceedings (mediation/conciliation);
  • Assistance and elaboration of requests/petitions addressed to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR);
  • Assistance and elaboration of requests to national courts for referral to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) for a preliminary ruling on the interpretation of European law;