We provide all the repertoire of legal services necessary in the current activity of a company

From simple agreements concluded daily by any company to sophisticated offers, design and building contracts, financing and mortgage agreements/ other collateral security agreements and contracts for the supply of goods, all contracts require, in addition to a good management of their clauses and appendices, a thorough understanding of the specifics of the main activity and of the industry in which the contracting parties operate.

The practical approach, focusing on the client and on the industry in which it operates, is the only approach that leads to the drafting of efficient, balanced, quality contracts, fit for being carried out by the parties.

We provide assistance in drafting, amending, adjusting, reviewing, verifying and negotiating any contractual clauses and any types of contracts:

  • product supply;
  • marketing/sale of products;
  • product distribution;
  • sale of real estate, the establishment of rights in rem thereon and of mortgages;
  • employment and management, including their specific clauses (confidentiality, non-competition, non-solicitation, mobility, vocational training; other contracts or arrangements specific to employment relationships (apprenticeship, internship, vocational adaptation, provision of staff by temporary employment agencies);
  • residential/industrial/commercial rental and leasing;
  • design, enterprise/execution of works, project management consulting and service provision;
  • general terms and conditions for online sales websites and platforms;
  • bank or non-bank financing (loan); granting of credit facilities;
  • establishment of guarantees;
  • mandate, trust, agency, commission and any other intermediation agreements;
  • the establishment of professional corporations, associations/foundations, agricultural cooperatives;
  • donation/manual gift/sponsorship;
  • transfer of intellectual property rights;
  • public procurement, concession;
  • transfer of shares, business transfer;
  • transfer of the responsibility regarding the legal obligations of recycling and recovery of waste;
  • other types of financial service agreements (insurance, financial investment services, private placements, securities portfolio management, assignment of debt portfolios, assignment of receivables/contracts, etc.); ancillary agreements (conventions) in connection with contracts relating to intellectual property, occupational health and safety, processing of personal data, confidentiality, etc.